BPSS Screening

The benefits of BPSS screening

Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) screening is essential for individuals working in government-contracted roles, particularly those who have access to sensitive information or assets. It is common for those working in the energy, communications, technology, and financial sectors to require BPSS screening.

Additionally, BPSS screening is nationally recognised and used by many organisations across the UK. If you are considering implementing a pre-employment screening solution within your organisation, BPSS is an excellent starting point.

Our secure online platform offers a fast and simple BPSS-compliant screening service.

The BPSS Check

The BPSS check comprises four elements, which are referred to as RICE. Criteria for each element must be met to ensure BPSS clearance:

  1. Right to work: We verify a candidate’s entitlement to UK employment, nationality and immigration status.
  2. Identity: We confirm ID and verify identity documentation.
  3. Criminal record: We carry out a basic Disclosure criminal record check through DBS.
  4. Employment history: We verify a candidate’s 3-year career history.

The importance of BPSS screening

BPSS screening is important for organisations for several reasons:

Security: BPSS screening helps to ensure that employees, contractors, and vendors do not pose a security risk to the organisation and its assets. This is particularly important for organisations that handle sensitive information or assets, such as government agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare providers. By identifying any potential risks before granting access, organisations can reduce the risk of security breaches and safeguard their reputation.

Compliance: Some industries and government agencies are required by law to carry out BPSS screening as part of their compliance obligations. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in significant fines and damage to reputation. BPSS screening helps organisations to meet their legal obligations and demonstrate compliance with industry standards.

Reputation: Implementing BPSS screening can help organisations to demonstrate their commitment to security and compliance. This can help to build trust with customers, investors, and other stakeholders. In today’s environment, where data breaches and cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common, it is essential for organisations to take steps to protect themselves and their stakeholders.

BPSS checks from CI Screening

At CI Screening we investigate any period spent overseas that is greater than six months.

Conflict International has extensive global reach and local language capabilities, allowing us to rapidly return accurate international checks.

We use a variety of reliable and trusted sources to gather information for our screening reports, including government databases and industry-specific sources.

Our screening reports are also subject to a rigorous quality control process to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Why choose CI Screening?

Fast turnaround

Our typical turnaround time for pre-employment screening reports is just 10-15 working days. However, the actual turnaround time may vary depending on the specific requirements of the screening package and the complexity of the screening process.

We are here to support and help businesses like yours vet potential candidates quickly and reliably. Get in touch with us today and we will be able to give you an timescale for checks to help you reduce the risk of hiring for your business.

Experts in screening

CI Screening is part of the Conflict International Group who have been providing international surveillance, technical and security services since 2008. We have extensive global reach and local language capabilities, allowing us to rapidly return accurate international checks.

We offer a wide range of pre-employment and screening checks bespoke to your needs to ensure you are recruiting the right person or check you still have the best team on board.

Customised services

We can customise our professional screening services to meet your specific needs. We offer a range of screening packages and individual checks that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Our team will work with you to understand your needs and develop a bespoke screening solution that meets your needs. At CI Screening we deliver an efficient and flexible service that can be seamlessly integrated into your business.

Compliant checks

Our screening processes are fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

We also adhere to industry standards such as the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) Employment Practices Code so you can be assured that when you choose CI Screening your business and your employee data is in safe hands

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